A social Friday and Saturday

Friday was another beautiful day with barely a cloud in the sky. I managed to stay in bed a little bit later today, while Glen got up and made his own breakfast, then went to work. I eventually got up and went to the gym (that’s five times this week!) and was nearing the end of my workout when Kevin messaged to see if I was free for breakfast.

Kevin is a friend of Pauline’s who we met at Pride. Friday was his birthday and as he had the day off and was sort of in the area he came to our apartment and then we went in search of food. I suggested Hair of the Dog but when we got there it was closed. Doesn’t open until 11:30am during the week. We then peered into our phones to find a suitable breakfast suggestion nearby. A couple of the ones I read out, Kevin said they were the sort of places you go at 4am and only then is the breakfast suitable. What can you expect from Church St haha.

We settled on the Coach-house on Yonge St, which was ok but nothing to write home about. It was nice to have someone to spend some time with though and we had a good chat about anything and everything. It was a great way to start the day (and get through about half of it). We left at about 11 and I went home for a while before going to a chiropractor appointment around lunchtime.

I didn’t do much else in the afternoon, in fact, I napped. Have been feeling really tired in the afternoon’s lately. I think it’s due to no curtain on the window into our bedroom. I’m sure I have thin eyelids. I woke up when Glen came home from work.

At dinner.
At dinner.

In the evening, determined to not sit at home and do nothing, we booked tickets to see Red 2 at the cinemas down the road (so close) and went to a Japanese restaurant called Asahi for dinner. We ordered so much food (a little too much) but it was tasty.

Red 2 was really enjoyable, well, most of it. I got a bit uncomfortable with all the senseless killing but overall it’s a fun movie and Helen Mirren is amazing. Could watch a whole movie just about her character really. I think Red was better, but Red 2 was a good sequel. Won’t say much else in case other people want to see it and I spoil things. Oh, and the actor who plays Han (Byung-hun Lee) has an AMAZING body. Not bad for 43 (43?!). Check it out 🙂

After the film we had a look around Indigo (which sells mostly books but also homewares, toys and games), finally remembering why we were told to go in there. Games. Usually stores only have things like Monopoly or Smart Arse, but here they have strategic games like Settlers of Catan, Seven Wonders and Ticket to Rider. Sadly, none of them were on sale so Glen wouldn’t let me buy one (I want Seven Wonders). Instead, we bought a nostalgia version of Clue (Cluedo for the Aussies. And the green character is called Mr Green in this one, instead of Reverend Green. I thought in the original he was Reverend. Not very nostalgic if they got it wrong) and a card game called S’Quarrels. We played both on Saturday; Glen winning Clue and me winning S’Quarrels.

Being silly at dinner.
Being silly at dinner.

I allowed Glen to buy a crepe afterwards (and I had one too). Am putting it down as my cheat day after being so good with my meals through the week. It was a nice end to a lovely evening. Going to miss these summer nights where you can just walk down the road without freezing to death.

Saturday morning we went to St Lawrence Markets to buy fruit, veg and meat. We had a disappointing breakfast from one of the food places underneath the market. Won’t be doing that again. Bought a heap of meat then went around the farmers’ market, buying some veggies and some strawberries and cherries. I found it quite fun to hand over some coins for vegetables (a bunch of broccoli cost $1.50, some zucchinis cost $2, nice and cheap); it was almost like buying things with gold coins in a video game.

It was cloudy in the morning and the weather forecast promised rain so that made us a bit apprehensive about doing anything, and then we couldn’t quite decide what to do. Eventually, we decided to go for lunch then to Canadian Tire to buy things. We went to a Korean BBQ place just down the road (we’d been to one on King St and this was the same company) for all you can eat. We didn’t need all-you-can-eat, especially as I only ate the chicken and a couple of bits of squid, whereas Glen ate pork, beef and something else. He was quite full by the end of it. Lesson learned? Doubt it.

When we got outside, the rain had finally started. Thankfully, it wasn’t too heavy. Train down to Canadian Tire to buy a curtain rod (but no curtain), some cleaning stuff, fertiliser for Glen’s thousand pot plants on the balcony, and a stool for Glen’s desk (which is too tall for him to sit on at the desk comfortably but at least it looks nice).

I had a nap. Then Glen had a nap. I don’t like napping. It feels like such a waste of the day. Would much prefer to get all the sleep I need in one shift. I’ve finished editing my manuscript (again) and will be sending that off to a publisher or two soon. Fingers crossed. And then maybe I can get working on something else. Will have some editing work to do in the week ahead, which will mean some extra money. YAY! Holidays!

Oh, and booked most of a weekend away to Point Pelee Island for mid-August. Looks like a nice little retreat type place…after a four-hour drive west. Cheaper than flying though.

And on Saturday night we went to Abraham’s for a BBQ, chatted to some new people, ate some food and stayed up light. Was nice to get out and socialise. Considering a house-warming party now. 🙂

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