Toronto from up high

I woke with the sun this morning (unfortunately) because we don’t yet have a curtain for the window. That’s on the list for important things to get. We walked down Church St to meet Dave and Antony at The Hair of the Dog for brunch and to meet their friends Richard and Manny.

I really enjoyed the short walk down the road in what is really our neighbourhood. Being Sunday morning it wasn’t packed or busy and just had a nice relaxed vibe going on.

We arrived at 10:30, said our hellos and went inside. I ordered a chicken omelette that was pretty nice, if a bit small (we were hungry again and hour and a half later). Had a good time chatting to Richard and Manny and hearing about their travel stories and a few stories about Canada. We’ve Facebook friended each other so looking forward to catching up with them. Apparently we need to go north before too much time passes or else we’ll miss summer entirely and be plunged into the depths of winter…in late August.

Afterwards, Dave, Antony, Glen and I caught the subway down to the boys’ hotel, they checked out and then we walked to the CN Tower. We were shocked at how expensive it was ($32 and then an additional $12 if you want to go to the very top. We only bought the ‘cheap’ tickets).

You get security checked where they blow air onto you and the machine checks for traces of explosives. You then walk around, have a green-screen photo taken, then circle back to where you’ve come from and jump in an elevator.

The elevator has two glass sides so you can see out of the tower and inside the elevator shaft at other elevator carriages. You get out at the first stop and head to the windows to look out across the city and the lake.

After we peered out, we went down some steps to where you can go outside (but it’s all enclosed so the view is of mesh with buildings behind) or you can jump up and down on the glass floor. Everybody is on this thing, jumping up and down. Babies crawling all over it, people lying down having photos taken. Apparently it can take the weight of 14 large hippos. I think they should get 14 large hippos and test it out, see how accurate it is.

A few more facts about the CN Tower that you just have to know:

  • CN stands for Canadian National, so it’s the Canadian National Tower.
  • The top lookout area, the Sky Pod, is 147 storeys tall (447m).
  • Total weight of the CN Tower is 117,910 metric tonnes (which is about 20,000 male Asian Elephants).
  • The tower is struck by lightning approximately 75 times a year.

After we’d seen enough, we descended the tower. The elevator had a couple of see-through parts on its floor and a window looking out. We then watched a crappy 3D movie called Legends of Flight, which was just a promotional video for the Boeing Dreamliner. Ugh. Thankfully, it only lasted 12 minutes.

Time for lunch so we went to a place that had $15 prix fixe lunch, three courses and fast delivery. We even got vouchers for two free pizzas to use another day. By the time we finished it was nearly time for Dave and Antony to head to the airport for their flight to Halifax so we walked with them a bit then parted at a junction, quickly saying farewell. It’s been so nice having them here; makes it feel like home. Hopefully we’ll see them again sooner rather than later.

Glen and I walked down to Harbourfront to check out a shop where he’d seen a lunchbox he liked. Didn’t buy it but we caught the train up to Bed, Bath and Beyond and then Marshall’s and ended up buying a lot more than expected. On the plus side though, we now have a cover for the day bed and some cushions, a new set of tongs and some socks. It’s dangerous going shopping in this city.

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