Shopping and an outdoor movie

CN Tower
CN Tower

Yesterday I didn’t stay in bed quite as late as the day before, but still lounged around, trying to sleep while Glen clanged about, going to the gym by himself at 6am, making his own breakfast. My goal: to be able to sleep through anything.

As I’m leaving for London on Friday I feel a bit at a loose end until then. Not really wanting to get into a routine as I’ll only have to break it again for a couple of weeks and reassimilate when I return. Nevertheless I went to the gym and the trainer was there again. He has a maniacal laugh that if you heard at night, coming from an alleyway behind you, you’d think he’d just gleefully hacked someone to pieces with an axe.

I did a bit of shopping, buying a few more house things like a roasting pan and a padlock for our locker downstairs. There are still more things to get but we’ve got the essentials now.

In the evening, we went to the Harbourfront to watch a free outdoor screening of the director’s cut of Little Shop of Horrors. Free films are being shown every Wednesday during summer. Other ones we’d like to see are Triplets of Belleville and Josie and the Pussycats. The screen is right by the water’s edge, with a pretty good view of the CN Tower. Pauline and Susie came along too and a little after 9, the movie began.

There’s a bit of a spoiler below for anyone who wants to know the direction it went.

It finished at about 11 and then we walked back to Union Station, navigating all the work that’s going on there. It was a bit of a rat’s maze to find the subway. Home in fifteen minutes and then bed.





The director’s cut is pretty much exactly the same all the way through the movie until about the last fifteen or twenty minutes. Then the ending changes completely from what happens in the theatrical version. It’s not a happy ending, that’s for sure. If you’d like to know what happens, email me and I’ll tell you. I definitely prefer the theatrical ending over this one, though I’m told the director’s cut version is more closely aligned to that of play/stage musical. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve seen it now.

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