Wednesday with a capital F

…for frustration.

This morning we went to the post-graduate medical office to get them a number, which we gave them. Then off to a walk-in clinic to get a TB test for Glen so he can tick the next box. But he didn’t have all the paper work, so he walked home while I got my haircut. $15 at Top Cuts, not bad, and the haircut looks ok. Got rid of the fuzzy fro.

In the meantime, Glen went to a walk-in medical clinic to get the test done. But he had to fill out paperwork. Which meant he had to get out of queue because he wasn’t allowed to fill it in in line. Then when he got back in queue the girl in front was allowed to fill her paperwork out at the counter and not lose her place. When it was his turn and he handed over the paperwork, the receptionist said it was illegible. So he read it out to her but that was too much to handle so we left (I’d arrived at this moment). So half an hour wasted at the MCI The Doctor’s Office in the Atrium (in case anyone wants to avoid this place in future).

We then took a walk up Bay St to another clinic and Glen went in and was told the insurance paperwork we’d been given at the start of last week (to give us health cover for three months until the proper one kicks in) was invalid because it hadn’t been stamped. ?!?!?! Without this stamp, which the post-graduate medical office should have given us when we got the insurance, Glen would have to pay $100 for a simple TB test.

So I walked back to the post-graduate medical office to get the stamp. They then told me that Glen’s registration wasn’t complete and how was that going. I walked back, told Glen, he called, they’d told me the wrong thing and everything was fine. Then we had about a 45-minute wait at the clinic for a two-minute consult/test.

Finally, we could leave and have lunch.

We still need to go to Ontario Services (kind of like Centrelink from what I can gather) but we had a look and there were about 50 people waiting so we’ll save that for another day. I’m sure that will be another lesson in futility. We can get insurance, maybe a driver’s license and an ID card there.

To cheer ourselves up (though I think Glen was more excited than me), we went into Canadian Tire to look at house stuff and to buy an inflatable mattress. IKEA won’t be able to deliver our new bed until Saturday 6 July which means a week without sleeping on something nice in our new apartment. Inflatable mattress it is.

Us with our weekly Toronto transport cards.
Us with our weekly Toronto transport cards.

A quick stop at home to drop things off then back out to the bank to find out why they hadn’t called us about our credit application or where were the “rush” cheques that we’d ordered on Monday. We’d bought a weekly transport ticket so were excited to be able to use it for the first time today by jumping on a streetcar (sadly not named desire. More like insanity) and riding it the couple of stops to the bank.

Frustration number four for the day was the bank. We’re trying to get a credit card. The bank dude said we’d know today whether it had been accepted. Three in the afternoon was cutting it a bit fine for a phone call. The guy was busy with something (probably playing on the internet) so we talked to someone else who also told us that the cheques hadn’t arrived so we’d have to look tomorrow (I’ll be completely bowled over if they call to let us know).

While talking to the woman, the guy sent Glen an email saying the credit card people needed a letter of employment. Then, lo, the dude came out to talk to us. Coincidence, I think not. Anyway, we sent him the letter straight away and should know tomorrow.

Me trying out a pillow in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Important work.
Me trying out a pillow in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Important work.

A subway ride up to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look at more things, try out pillows and find sheets. As routine as it sounds, it was nice to do “home” things for a bit and look at all the possibilities.

This evening I did some work while Glen spent three hours on a pre-fellowship online course/test thing (and got 88%. Well done, Glen). It looked incredibly boring. Dinner at home again, nice and cheap, and I’m nursing a tension headache which is a nice way to wrap up a fairly ordinary day.

Then again, no one died, no one was injured, so I’ll stop my whinging and look forward to a better day tomorrow.

And just on a side note: I seem to have just missed two big events happening today. I woke up to the Rudd/Gillard leadership melodrama (what are you people doing over there?). When I was in the hairdresser’s I was awaiting the DOMA announcement by the US Supreme Court. I was watching Twitter and refreshing every 30 seconds in the five minutes before 10am when the announcement was due. With one minute to go, the hairdresser called me to the chair and I missed the moment of the announcement. Still, glad DOMA and Prop 8 were struck off. Well done, America (on that count at least).

6 thoughts on “Wednesday with a capital F

    1. Hey Jane! You’re right. We were talking about how near impossible it must be for people who’s first language isn’t English, or don’t have access to the Internet. Absolutely shocking. Hats off to them.


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