Today started with a bang

No kidding. I was awoken by a loud BANG somewhere outside and then the power went out. I don’t know if the two are connected but it’s a possibility. It was quite nice lying in bed with the power off as the background electrical hum of things stopped and there was a bit of peace (apart from the general noise outside). I think about 9000 to 5000 people were without power this morning.

We lay in bed for a bit longer until the lobby security guard started talking through the speaker in the apartment’s roof to say the power had gone out yet the lift and lights in the lobby were working. She gave us this message at two separate occasions and then the fire alarm went off. I think I’d be useless in an emergency. I couldn’t smell or see smoke/fire so it didn’t seem likely that it was a real emergency. Glen got up, got dressed and made ready to leave. I dawdled. Guess who’d die first in a fire. By the time I was ready the alarm had stopped…or maybe Glen had just muted it and I thought it had stopped. Either way, we left the building (and our belongings) and went for breakfast.

Another trip to Eggspectations where we had slow service, once again. I think they’re short on staff for the morning rush (even though it wasn’t all that busy). I had an omelette and Glen had bacon, eggs and pancakes.

After breakfast we went to the bank, drew out more cash, put it into the account and then learned our credit card application had stalled. Or failed entirely. The bank teller was good about it though. She hooked us up with one of the bank guys and we got the process rolling again. We should know tomorrow whether we’ve got a credit card or not and then we can start using it to get points and book flights and hotels.

The point system is much more generous here and the credit card we’re hoping to get will give us nine points for every dollar (on some purchases) and some extra points or benefits when booking through Expedia. Free trip to Vegas, here we come.

This cool and handy chopping board has a handle that lifts the sides of the board so you can pour the contents into a pot.
This cool and handy chopping board has a handle that lifts the sides of the board so you can pour the contents into a pot.

Now that our offer for the apartment has been accepted and we’re guaranteed to move in, it’s time to scope out furniture and the like. We went into Sears to see what their sale items were like. The beds were too expensive for us and the seats weren’t all that great. We looked around their kitchen stuff and found a Tefal frying pan that had 50% off so we bought that. We also found some utensils we like and we’ll look around to see if they’re on sale anywhere else. We’re looking for things in greens or browns.

Mushrooms at the St Lawrence Markets.
Mushrooms at the St Lawrence Markets.

In the afternoon we went back to St Lawrence Markets to get some food for dinner. More cheap marinated chicken, some vegies and bananas. We think we might be able to catch a bus from outside our apartment straight down Jarvis St to the markets, which would be very handy. Or as handy as a 20 minute bus ride to get groceries can be.

After dropping the food back home, we headed back out to go to the movies to watch Monsters University. Just like Perth, they have cheap Tuesdays here. The only difference being that they’re actually cheap: $5 per ticket. Their full priced tickets aren’t bad either; I think they were about $12 each. We’ll be going to the movies on Tuesdays a lot.

The best monster school there is.
The best monster school there is.

Monsters University was a lot of fun. Typical story line about playing to your strengths, working as a team etc, but still very enjoyable. We laughed a lot and I’m glad we got to see it. Sully would still have to be my favourite Pixar character. I might have to go buy a Sully stuffed toy.

Tonight we went to the gym and then I made dinner. We’re still covering a lot of miles. We’re gradually working our way through the list of things to do while balancing it with seeing the sights and having some fun. It’s Toronto Pride this week and apart from the trip to Hart House we haven’t been to anything else. That should change during the second half of the week. Hopefully the weather gets better as it’s still humid with intermittent bits of rain.

But you can’t have everything. 🙂

What do you say, eh?

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