To market, to market

This morning we completed the paperwork for the rental application, then went in search of a scanner. The streets were pretty quiet for 9am on a Saturday and it’s obviously not a day when people want to scan or print things.

The shop over the road was closed. We went into the Eaton Centre (big shopping centre) but there wasn’t anywhere there that could help us so we went into an electronics store to buy a printer/scanner. The shop assistant came to help us and in the end gave us directions to the print shop at Ryerson University (I think he was a student) and the library where they might be able to help us. We walked there, found a place Glen had seen before (closed) then got to the recommended print shop (also closed).

We then tried to get into the library, which was harder than you’d think. When we found our way through the maze of empty halls, the library had scanners. But you needed to be a student to use them. So we went home to take photos of the paperwork and convert the photos into a pdf.

But then luck was on our side and there was a shop open (early for some reason. It was about 10:20 and it said it wouldn’t open until 11 but lo, the door was unlocked). So we got our documents scanned, went home, sent them off with an email and we should know by 2pm tomorrow whether we got the apartment or not.

Gardens on the way to the markets.
Gardens on the way to the markets.

Then it rained. It seems our good streak of beautiful weather has ended. We lazed around inside the apartment for a while until it cleared (Glen lay down. He’s feeling poorly) and then we walked down to St Lawrence Markets which is nearby.

On Saturdays there is a farmers’ market which sells meat, eggs, honey, fruit and vegetables at great prices. All this takes place in one building, while in the one across the street, which is open every day, there are more permanent produce shops. Lots more variety, about five cheese shops, plenty of butchers and fish merchants (I want to know where all the fish comes from because a lot of it is ocean fish and there isn’t an ocean for miles), food stalls upstairs and down, some craft stalls, just about anything you could wish for.

We ate a spanakopita (a Greek spinach pie), some fried calamari from a fish ‘n’ chip store that had a very long queue, and then a crepe with bananas and strawberries. The place was busy but perhaps not as busy as it would have been earlier in the day or if it hadn’t rained.

We bought some marinated chicken breasts from one of the butchers for about $14 for two, and some broccoli from the farmers’ market (bunch of two) for $1.50. We ate half of it all tonight for dinner. Each chicken breast was so big we could cut them in half and feel full once we finished. I wonder what hormones had been pumped into them to get so big. We ate only one of the broccoli so tonight’s dinner came to less than $8 for the two of us. Compared to what we’ve been spending, it was a pleasant surprise.

We also bought a rainbow umbrella to keep us dry on the way home. It’s very bright but it’s nice to have some colour.

The weather didn’t let up for most of the afternoon but it seems to have cleared for now. Unfortunately we’re not going anywhere tonight as it looks like Glen’s developed a fever. The things that boy will do to elicit sympathy from me! So it’s a quiet night in. I think the build up over the past couple of weeks might have caught up to us so having a quiet, relaxing night might be the ticket.

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