You’ve come a long way, baby

We’re now in Los Angeles, waiting for our flight to Toronto, the final leg of the journey. We’ve entered the delirium stage of our travels where sleep is trying to get us down a dark alley, beat us over the head and steal our kidneys.

But back to the beginning.

We left Perth at 5:45am Saturday morning, which meant waking up at 4am, showering and chucking our luggage into the car. I had a restless night’s sleep. We went to bed at 11-ish and I woke up at 12:30, then at 3:10, 3:45 and 3:58. Nervous much?

Glen’s mum and stepdad stayed over at my dad’s place (where we were living for the past month) so we could all go in convoy in the morning. Lucky they were there as the luggage wouldn’t have fit into one car. Easy check-in at the airport. My cousin, Laurie, and his partner, Nicole, came to bid us farewell too.

Then we left.

I think I’ve had enough goodbyes to last me for the next few years. I’m glad I got to see so many people (some at the very last minute) before we left.

Perth to Sydney flight was fine. I thought the service from Qantas was pretty good, same goes for Sydney to LA. Delved back into Downton Abbey and across the flights finished off the last of season one and then most of season two. Unlikely I’ll get to finish it on Air Canada flight to Toronto.

Slept a bit while crossing the Pacific, but not nearly as much as I should have. A headache has nestled into my left temple and hasn’t left. But no matter.

Arrived in LA. Customs no problem, though I always feel nervous going through there so remained as tight-lipped as possible in case I say the wrong thing and have to be interrogated. When we said we were moving to Canada, we got an “Oh?” as if to say, “Why the hell would you want to move there?”

Three of our four bags came through quickly but we waited ages for the last to fall through, almost to the point I was worried it had got lost somewhere.

Then we gave all of our bags to someone without really knowing if it was the right thing to do.

We then had to get our boarding passes but couldn’t quite see where to go so I went up to Information and asked. The woman said I needed to go outside and turn left. THinking that was all I needed, I said thanks and started to leave. She then said, “Wait a minute, you’re off and running and you haven’t heard everything yet.” She then gave the rest of the instructions.

“You’re off and running” is the new catch phrase for the trip. Which prompted us to “reach out and have a conversation.” Ahhh, Americans.

No chance of getting into the Qantas lounge as we’re in a completely different terminal. The plus side though is that I misread the stopover in LA so instead of an eight hour wait, it’s only three hours. Eaten some food, had some Coke, bought some cologne and now hanging around waiting to board.

I really want to go to sleep now. About five or six more hours and we’ll be in Toronto and an hour or so after that hopefully we’ll be in bed.

Due to the tiredness, the fact that we’re moving to Canada still hasn’t sunk in. Give it a week or so.

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