Three weeks to go

Where did the past four weeks go since my last post? It hardly seems possible that a whole month has gone by. It’s been a busy four weeks though so maybe that’s why time has flown.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Work permits came through two weeks ago. We awoke to an email from Immigration with two very dull pdfs attached saying we had the pre-approval or whatever it is. We’ll get the actual permits when we enter the country. This was a big weight off Glen’s mind. So that’s done. YAY!

We’ve moved out of our house and into dad’s place. Christine and Walter (Glen’s mum and stepdad) did an amazing job helping us to move everything out and into my grandmother’s. It was a tiring Saturday but such a relief to have it mostly all out of there. The couch went on a bit of a journey, going from Maylands to Willetton to Maylands to Chidlow. But at least it’s going to be used now and not sitting collecting dust.

This weekend was the big final clean and the house is looking pretty damn good. Nicole came and did the bathrooms. She did an amazing job. She also cleaned other parts of the house and without her we’d still be there (or have left it in not as good a state as it could have been). The place looks so good that it’s a shame to leave. The house went up for rent on Thursday and there’s a home open tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes quickly and we’ve got someone in there before we leave.

We gave Smudge to her new foster mum the day we moved out. I dropped her off while Glen stayed at home. I didn’t get emotional about it as I just needed to get it done. When we got there, she climbed out of her cat carrier and hid under the bed. She lived under there for a week but has now graduated to the family area (with plenty of places to hide). She is eating though, which is good, and with time she’ll adapt. We dropped in to see her tonight and she’s quite sooky and skulky but she’ll get there. Whenever I’ve been back to our house, I carefully open the door to make sure Smudge doesn’t run out…but of course she isn’t there. That’s not such a pleasant feeling. And it’s weird not hearing her bells chiming either. But she’ll be better off here rather than taking that 30 hour plus journey.

Glen has started getting emails from the hospital about orientation day and requests for holidays in the first half of the fellowship year. Where to go? What to do? So many options. That’s going to be fun deciding when to take off. As he can take four weeks off, perhaps we should do a week in each season. As long as we get to see polar bears and beluga whales.

We’re also looking at places to stay in Toronto. My initial attempts at finding a temporary home for the first month didn’t succeed as I’d hoped but I’m looking on airbnb and there seem to be some great options (location and price). We’ve also been sent information on a place that’s spitting distance from the hospital and seems to have everything we’ll need. Waiting for more photos. It’s available at the end of June which would be perfect for us.

I have one week left at work and Glen has two. Luckily I’m able to have a week of handover with my replacement so really, I’m all done. It’s going to feel very surreal not having to go to work after 31 May (in Perth anyway). Or maybe it won’t be. Maybe it will be a quick transition and I’ll be too busy focussing on other things to worry or care.

After work is finished, there should really be very little left to organise. Pack bags and say farewells. After more than a year of knowing we were leaving, I can’t believe it’s finally so close.

2 thoughts on “Three weeks to go

  1. Glad to hear its all coming together!

    One place to consider for holidays from Canada is the Caribbean as you can get cheap flights.


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