Box-packing has commenced

Time is rapidly disappearing. In October I stuck print-outs of each month to June onto our bedroom cupboards and began crossing off the days. It was meant to aid in planning when things had to be done and to see how much time we had left to do them. Instead, it’s acted more like a countdown and has shown how quickly time passes. We’re halfway through March, which means it’s nearly April. Not long until 15 June.

Work permits haven’t come through, though considering they were submitted in January and it’s only mid-March, we should perhaps be a bit more forgiving that they haven’t been done. Glen’s submitted extra bits of paper to prove he’s a real doctor and I had to send in a police clearance to prove I’m not a major underworld figure. We’re awaiting further instructions.

I’ve met with a real estate agent to discuss what needs to be done to rent this place out. The house needs a good clean – the agent said as much – but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a tenant, considering the rental market in Perth at the moment.

Smudge has been having a wonderful time playing in the boxes.
Smudge has been having a wonderful time playing in the boxes.

In preparation for opening the house to rent, we’ve started packing boxes. My bookshelves are empty, the cat’s room (yes, she has her own room) has been cleared of folders and boxes, and Glen’s study is looking sparser. The boxes have been shipped off to my grandmother’s. We’re aiming to take as little with us as possible so it’s an odd feeling to pack away all our stuff and not see it for two years. If it all disappeared or was lost in a blaze, how long before we forget about it entirely?

There’s still plenty more to go though the majority of it is stuff we need from day-to-day. Gradually we’ll whittle down until we’re left with, well, nothing.

My two years’ leave from work was approved and my job is now advertised. It’s a very strange feeling to think about leaving a place I’ve worked at most of my adult life. Even stranger to consider what I’ll do for the next two years. The answer to that is, of course, whatever I want. There are now 51 work days until I finish at the end of May and still plenty to get done.

I turned 30 last month and had a number of celebrations with friends and fam

Newfoundland Trip #10 -  L'Anse aux Meadows.
L’Anse aux Meadows: part of the Viking Trail (Photo credit: dibytes)

ily, which were all lovely and definitely something I’ll miss when we’re away. It’s strange to think that when/if we come back in two years I’ll be 32. It feels like going into stasis.

Many people contributed to my “new camera” fund, which I’m very grateful for. Looking at prices, the cameras are slightly cheaper in Canada so I’ll wait until we get there to buy one. Then there’s one less thing to cart around. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

My cousin and aunt gave Glen and I a Canada Parks pass, which lasts for one year. A great present, it provides free entry to national parks and various cultural heritage sites. Looking at the website, there are a few national parks close to Toronto that I want to check out. A lot of them say, “Black Bear Country,” so that’s fun. And I’m really looking forward to checking out the Viking Trail in Newfoundland but looks like I’ll have to overcome my fear of camping.

6 thoughts on “Box-packing has commenced

  1. Oh boohoo you’ll be 32 when you return…go easy! No seriously though my favourite part of today’s entry…”Even stranger to consider what I’ll do for the next two years. The answer to that is, of course, whatever I want.”…brilliant! Sophia xxx


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