Flights to Toronto are booked

Departing Toronto Pearson
Departing Toronto Pearson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is just going to be a quick post to say that flights to Toronto are booked, and our date of departure is Saturday 15 June. How exciting!

We’re flying Qantas and Air Canada, only because Glen had credit with Qantas from some flights booked last year that he cancelled. Rather than lose the money, he used it to book the Toronto trip. Strangely, a return flight was cheaper than a one-way ticket so we’ve booked returns but we’re not sure we’ll use them.

In other news, work permits are taking longer than expected. I was ready to send mine in by post in December but when we looked again it could all be done online.

It would have been easier to send it by post.

Now we’re waiting for one last piece of paper before we can submit both of our applications together online. Getting to that point put our coping skills to the test (only one person could be in the room at a time lest we wanted there to be tears). Then we’ll probably be told we haven’t filled out the right pieces of paper and have to submit more. But that’s why we’re trying to do this now so the delays don’t become critical. Much fun and games.

I now have fewer than 100 work days left at my job, which is still slightly too high a number to get worried about. Seeing January disappear so rapidly is more of a worry – but in a good way.

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