Investigating Work Visas and Permits

I’ve just had a bit of a look at what we need to do for work visas in Canada. I’m still not all that clear really. I think I eventually found the right section on the Canada Immigration website (which is setup with an Australian bent). There’s a handy form that you can fill in what you want to do and go from there.

The best question: Do you plan to own or operate a farm in Canada?

Based on what I put in, it suggested a federal skilled worker visa. I’m not sure that’s quite right. But then I searched again and up came the International Experience Canada section. There are three areas: working holiday, young professional or internship.

I’m within the age bracket for the working holiday option and I don’t have to have a job offer or be limited to a particular industry. $150 fee, heap of documents, up to two years. Looks like the best choice. This could all be moot though if I can do Aussie work while in Canada…maybe. But it would be best to have it so I’ve got the flexibility.

As for Glen, I think he’d be classed as a temporary foreign worker. It might just be easier to talk to one of the other guys who have been to Canada already for this kind of work and see what needs to be sorted out. It’s making my head hurt. Having the Olympics on in the background doesn’t help concentration much either.

At the moment, watching Matthew Mitcham dive is definitely taking precedence.

What do you say, eh?

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