This is what happens when we spend a weekend at home

As we look ahead to what’s happening in our final two months in Toronto, we exclaim how little time we’re actually spending in the city. This weekend was one of the few Toronto oases that we’ve had – and we made the most of it.

Saturday night we went to Ur and Israel’s for a pot luck dinner with Julian, Bec, Al, Pete and Royden. We each brought something so Pete brought Greek food (spanokipita and sausage), I brought a Vietnamese chicken salad, Julian brought pasta, Ur/Is made chicken schnitzel and Bec made a flourless cake.

Julian and I both thought that our recipes, which were designed for four people (or there abouts), wouldn’t cover the seven of us so we made extra. I should have learned by now not to do this. There was so much food! I was stuffed by the end of dinner and I think I only had one serving of everything.

After dinner we sat around talking before heading home sometime close to midnight. I could barely keep my eyes open.

Glen slept for ten hours, meanwhile I was wide awake at 10am with a headache and unable to get back to sleep. I got up. Eventually Glen stirred. We went to the gym and then it was time to go to Dave, Antony and Josh’s birthday party (they’re all born within a few days of each other, which is cute as they’re all one family).

We were two of about 14 people at the party. Josh, the one year old, got a whole lot of attention (which is to be expected because he’s so adorable). We ate food. We talked to people we hadn’t seen for a while, like Manny who’d flown in from Washington, DC, or Richard and Jim who came up from Hamilton. After the food had been served, we went down to the little park at the end of their street and Dave filmed all of us singing happy birthday to Josh.

When we returned, there was cake and the opening of presents, and then we watched the video Dave had made of Josh’s first year of life. He’d filmed about a second of Josh every day for 365 days and at the end included the video of us singing. It was very sweet.

The hours flew by and before we knew it, it was 5pm and Glen and I were off to see Cam and Vince who’d invited us over for a barbecue. The weather was nice enough to sit outside and eat. I think this was our first barbecue dinner in Canada (or maybe our second. Either way, there haven’t been many). We need to buy a barbecue when we return home.

We played Sushi Go, then walked down to Serrano Bakery to get some dessert, before returning to their place to play a new game called Yardmaster Express. We’d bought both games for them so it was nice to be able to play. Despite me winning two out of the three rounds of Sushi Go, Glen won the rest of everything and came out the winner overall. He’s not allowed to play anymore.

We called ‘Pumpkin’ at 9pm and caught the subway home. For some reason, I’m exhausted!

Spring, glorious spring

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Toronto. The sun is absolutely beaming down. Once we finally got out of bed, which was still much earlier than necessary for a Saturday, I didn’t think we could waste the day completely by staying inside. Glen went to the gym for a bit while I did a few things at home, but when he returned we headed down to Loblaws to get groceries.

I know. Grocery shopping on a Saturday. Not exactly exciting. Still, we were outside. The garden beds around Toronto are bursting with colour at the moment. The daffodils couldn’t be any bigger. They seem to be straining to increase the size of their trumpets, easily outshining the tulips.

Loblaws wasn’t too busy, which was a relief. I had a list of things we needed. We didn’t need much. I’m making a chicken salad for tonight’s pot luck at Ur and Israel’s and trying to use up as many of the vegetables I’ve already got in the fridge. If we’d stuck to the list, we would have gotten out of there with minimal stuff. I hadn’t factored in a hungry Glen.

“A whole watermelon! I must get one!’

“Will you eat this bag of mandarins?”

“I want mushrooms! Not the mushrooms you bought. These mushrooms!”

“Can you make chicken pie for lunch?”

I said no to the last one but then he said he’d make it so I told him the two ingredients we didn’t already have in the basket (cream and zucchinis). I said it wasn’t good for him. He scoffed and bought it anyway.

We gave the cashier something to laugh about, too. Glen had unpacked most of the trolley, ordering things in the way he wanted them but didn’t complete the task. So I loaded the conveyor up with the remaining items, one of which was this watermelon (which came to an outrageous $12). As he packed the bags and our old granny shopping trolley, I said he should wait to put the watermelon at the bottom. Then apparently it was my fault that the watermelon hadn’t been put through as one of the earlier items.

The cashier laughed and agreed with Glen, then went on to say how rude some customers were who expected her to reach down the end of the conveyor to get the heavy items when they were the ones to put them there in that order in the first place. Let it be known I don’t expect any cashier to move anything. What is this? The 50s? Anyway, she had a good laugh. So did we.

We wandered back up to the condo, stopping in at Bec and Al’s so I could borrow something…sweet chilli sauce…which I didn’t actually leave with. We chatted for a while as it had been probably two weeks since we’d seen them last. I’m sad to think that we’ve only got two months left and that this ease with which we see people will vanish once back in Perth. Al then came upstairs for a coffee and returned the curtains they’d borrowed from us. Unfortunately the tension rod was too short for their windows.

Once home, Glen made pie while I worked on promotional stuff for my new book which comes out later this month. I haven’t had much of a chance to do a lot over the past few weeks, and this week was a short week. After returning from Orlando, Wednesday and Thursday were spent doing work for the zoo and another client, but once that was all done, I found I could spend Friday just working on my stuff.

I managed to get some things done but there’s always much more that needs doing, so this afternoon was spent on Facebook advertising, some extra writing, and sending requests to reviewers. I’ve still got to edit an article I’ve written and come up with some blog posts. Time is running out (especially when we’re away so much in the coming eight weeks).

I then went to the gym in the condo, working on my legs. I hate doing legs. It’s always so exhausting. Returning to the apartment, I worked some more, then had a lie down with Glen. I’ll have to start preparing the salad soon. I keep looking out at the sunshine and wondering what else I could be doing. I never feel like this about sunshine back home.

And just to round off, last night we went for a walk because I wanted to do something and Glen needed to get something from the hospital. We wandered down through Queens Park and were rewarded with seeing two cherry blossom trees in bloom in front of the parliament building. They were beautiful, and would only look more so in full sunlight.

After the hospital, we wandered back through the village, getting a couple of bubble teas and enjoying our evening constitutional. Life is good.

Universal Studios

Glen’s gastro kept us up through most of the night. After dinner the night before, I’d gone to the cheerleading pool party with Tanya and Julian but didn’t stay long as wanted to be well rested for Universal Studios the next day. I should have stayed out as the net benefit would have probably been the same.


I gave Glen sympathy and assistance through the night when he wanted it. This was in marked contrast to the barely raised head I got. Not that I really minded as I’d rather not be touched when I’m feeling unwell, though when I had called out for water, I was met with a lot of grunts and questions. Glen felt really bad about that later.

Even though he wasn’t feeling completely well again, we’d already bought out two-park passes for Universal Studios, and Glen had been looking forward to going on the Harry Potter rides ever since we started planning the Orlando trip. There was no way he wouldn’t go.

We picked Julian up from his hotel sometime around 9 or so. He hadn’t had much sleep either so we were all a little worse for wear when we arrived. Plus it was raining cats and dogs so the thrill of seeing Universal was…dampened. We parked, put on our ponchos, collected our tickets and went to find fun.

We’d purchased Express Passes which helped us jump to the start of a few lines (though with the rain it wasn’t that busy in the morning). Our first ride was Despicable Me, where we get into a vehicle, put on 3D goggles, watch a scenario and the vehicle moves with what’s happening on the screen so you lurch left and right, up and down and stop suddenly. I didn’t hold out much hope for Glen surviving this ride, though thankfully he did. He had to ration himself after that, however.

Julian and I then went on a similar Transformers ride, which was much more violent and scary (Metatron comes for you!). Glen would not have been good on this one. After that we visited Diagon Alley. Glen’s eyes lit up. This was exceptionally well done. It was like being in the movie.

We went into Gringotts first and jumped on their 4D ride, which was excellent as well. This time you go through the underground caverns beneath the bank, escape from Voldemort and the dragon and then arrive safely back at the beginning. We then looked in the shops, which are all themed and sell Harry Potter merchandise. They even have an Olivander’s where you can buy a wand that activates various interactives around the park. This shop was packed! What a gold mine! There were lots of visitors wearing robes as well.

After exploring a bit more of Diagon Alley, Julian was keen to do a rollercoaster. Glen was a definite no so I said I’d sacrifice myself. Unfortunately, after joining the queue, the ride stalled. We waited but it didn’t start up again so we left and I promised I’d go on The Hulk with him.

We stopped in at the Beetlejuice Revue…which was…I don’t know. I didn’t know what to expect and I came away wondering what I’d seen. Basically Beetlejuice introduces a bunch of monsters (Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein etc) who then dance with girl monsters and sing to mashups of songs that don’t really have anything to do with anything. There were some very good singers in there though.

We caught the Hogwarts’ Express to the other park. You get in the train, take a seat in a carriage and watch the scenery change outside the window and people, like Harry and Ron, walk past your door. It was an excellent experience. We arrived in Hogsmeade, and stopped for lunch. Glen couldn’t stomach much.

Julian and I went into “Hogwarts” and did the 4D ride, which turns you all the way around, dangles you over a nothing, has “actual” dementors who loom out at you, and SPIDERS. I squealed quite a few times. One of the other great things about this ride is that it leads you through various rooms inside Hogwarts like a classroom or Dumbledore’s office. Was all really well done.

By the time we got outside, the weather had cleared up significantly (the rain had actually stopped a while ago, which was great) and now it was starting to get hot. I didn’t have my hat or my sunglasses. I was getting anxious. Glen wasn’t feeling well. Julian was tired.

From that point, I think we knew the day was done. We wandered through Jurassic Park to Marvel Super Heroes and Julian and I went on the Hulk. This was actually a pretty easy ride for me, though was still a lot of fun. Usually I keep my eyes shut but they were open throughout and I had a blast. MUCH easier than Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland.

We wandered around the rest of the park, didn’t go on anything until we got back to the Hogwarts’ Express and caught it back to the other park, seeing a different story outside our window. Once back in the station, we left the park and I drove us back to our hotel.

My passport had arrived (along with everything else). We killed some time in the lobby, then collected Tanya from Epcot and headed to the airport. Got through security, ate some dinner, boarded the plane early. The flight left at about 9:15pm and I think I had snatches of sleep though the seats were so uncomfortable they didn’t last long. Thank god the flight was only a few hours.

We landed before midnight (I think). Got through Canada Customs SO fast! There was no queue. We were asked one question. That was it. Julian and Tanya took much longer. Julian’s brother picked us up, we dropped him home, then got back to our condo at about 1:30. I showered and crawled into bed. Being home never felt so good.

While there were some annoyances on this trip, there was still a lot of fun. I wish I’d seen the World Cheerleading Championships live and perhaps that’s a reason to return to Orlando, but other than that, I have no burning desire to return in a hurry. I think Glen wants to go back to Universal and do the rides. Perhaps one day. Maybe when we have kids.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Monday morning I woke up still not feeling the greatest but not bad enough to warrant spending another day of my holiday in bed. I figured that maybe I was just hungry. I was looking rather slim after having not eaten anything for the past day. I called Canada Customs again to ask about my passport but they hadn’t had it. I left a message with US Customs and then we went down for breakfast eventually (I think Glen had even gone off to the conference for an hour or so) but when food came, I found I couldn’t stomach much of it so left a half-eaten omelette on my plan. The waitress gave me sympathy…and then a green tea to takeaway.

We returned to the room. During breakfast, I’d managed to get in touch with the elusive Air Canada baggage claim/front desk people and the guy took my details (which were already on the answering machine) and said he’d call me back. Just getting to talk to an Air Canada person who was actually in Orlando made me feel better. It didn’t, however, stop me completely from worrying about what would happen if I had lost my Australian passport forever.

Dave messaged to say that he’d sent me my British passport, which only cost $45 to send express to receive it within 24 hours. He’d also sent my keys, along with his driver’s licence and AMEX card. By accident of course. I then attempted to report my Australian passport lost or stolen on the Australian passport website. I’d attempted this the other day but to complete the form online you need to input the given and last names of your photo guarantor. I couldn’t remember who this was the first time and got blocked after three attempts. I tried different names this morning and actually managed to get it right. I then cancelled the report as I was still holding out hope of getting my Australian passport back.

Then, rather than miss out on anymore Fun (yes, that capital F is deliberate), Julian picked me up and we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, while Glen did his duty and returned to the conference (only to be asked later why he was not out having fun).

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There were fewer people at Animal Kingdom than Magic Kingdom but it was still busy. I was also still not feeling 100% so my energy and excitement levels were curtailed. I had heard bits and pieces of Disney’s zoo but still wasn’t sure to expect. It is, in fact, a mix between zoo, theme park and shopping experience.

We started at the beginning (a very good place to start) and saw the famous Tree of Life. It’s a giant fake tree with animals “carved” into the “wood”. It’s an amazing thing to see, however, and I found it one of the most beautiful parts of the zoo. This is probably because it’s distanced from people, and set apart from all other distractions.

We saw a few animals along the way, mostly species I’ve seen before, although they do have a GORGEOUS anteater near the front. Such a beautiful animal (and I thought of John Cleese in Fierce Creatures saying, “It’s an anteater, not a man-eater.”). We added some FastPass rides (such as the Safari ride which you need to take to see a lot of the African animals) but in the end we didn’t use them as they were all for later in the day and queuing was not high on my list. As a result, we didn’t see all that many animals but we did see some.

There were a few nice aviaries. We watched the baby gorilla play, and the Sumatran Tiger sleep. We caught the train to Rafiki’s World and the Conservation Station where we saw reptiles and amphibians. We touched a snake. I had my photo with Rafiki. And then I got a phone call from Air Canada in Orlando to say they had my passport and I could come collect it at 6pm. I had been saved. The weight lifted and I could now enjoy the rest of my holiday.

We tried to get photos with Chip and Dale but both times we attempted to join the queue we were stopped and said it was closed and they’d be back in ten minutes. After the second time, we wondered if it was because we were adults. I had no problems with Rafiki though.

We then went to a free-flight bird show which was really good. There was a character as well as the presenter (who looked like Anna Kendrick). Julian was amazed by the birds and what they could do. It was a pretty good show. They added in their conservation message at the end and I remembered reading research about a free-flight bird show and delivering conservation messages and this show did exactly what the research advised against. Basically, if you want people to actually hear your message, don’t have the birds do any behaviours while you’re saying. And watching this show, I couldn’t agree with it more. They were talking, the birds were doing things and my focus was completely on the birds. I have no idea what they were saying. Regardless, the show was engaging and enjoyable.

From Africa we went to Asia, zoomed right past Dinoland, and then figured we were done for the day. I took photos of some signs. Was amazed at their theming and exhibit design and realised they’ve got a tonne of money.

We left at about 4pm. I dropped Julian at his hotel then returned to ours to pick up Glen. We then drove to the airport, picked up my passport (which Glen took possession of for the rest of the trip), and then we went downtown to meet my cousin, Laurie.

Dinner with Laurie

About a week before going to Orlando, I’d messaged Laurie about something, and when I asked what he’d been up to, he said he was going to be in Florida. Turns out we’d be there with some overlap. It had been nearly two years since we’d seen each other (he lives in Western Australia) and luckily we had Monday night free to catch up.

He’d flown in the day before, managing to stay awake on the whole flight (which from Perth to Florida probably took about 35 hours). We met at his hotel then went to a steak restaurant nearby for dinner and a catch up. It was great to see him.

On the drive home, Glen started to feel really nauseated. And it wasn’t my driving! He managed to keep very still on the ride home but once back at the hotel, all bets were off and up came his dinner. So it looks like I might not have had food poisoning after all, just norovirus or something similar. And now Glen had it.

The day I didn’t see the World Cheerleading Championships

One of the really exciting things about being in Orlando this weekend was to get to see the World Cheerleading Championships. Unfortunately, due to food poisoning I didn’t get to go. I got out of bed at one point. Glen and I went for lunch but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t make my stomach do cartwheels, so I sat while Glen ate. Then I went back to bed.

Meanwhile, at least Glen got to see some of it and from the photos it looks like it was an amazing, high octane event. I think the crowds cheered more than the cheerleaders. It would have been something to see, that’s for sure.

Glen came back later in the evening after getting food with Julian and Tanya, and hanging out with some of the big bicep cheerleaders.

At least I was feeling a bit better by the end of the day.

Once upon a time in Magic Kingdom


Saturday morning we woke up at a reasonable time. Because of my lost passport, the plan to get to Magic Kingdom for around 10 went out the window. Glen and I went for breakfast at the hotel restaurant before Glen went off for his conference – he was presenting today, very nervous about it too. I stayed in the hotel and called numerous offices to find out if my passport had shown up.

Because it’s a weekend, most offices are closed. The baggage claim desk for Air Canada at Orlando had someone monitoring it at some point but I’ve never been able to get a hold of that person again. Instead the call goes through to a voicemail system which, I’ve been led to believe, is the manager’s phone number, and she’s not in until Monday. Great system.

I also called Air Canada Lost and Found in Toronto and Canada Customs in Toronto. After a lot of phone calls, I eventually gave up and decided it was time to get on with the day, blindly optimistic that something would turn up.

Julian came and got me from the hotel. We went back to his Disney hotel for a bit, then on to ESPN to get tickets for the cheerleading finals (which we didn’t get) and then went off to Magic Kingdom. We’d arranged to meet Dave, Antony, Josh and Kim there.


We arrived a little before 1, caught the transport from the car park to the ticket centre, got our tickets (I was Donald Duck, Julian was Mickey) and then we waited for the others to arrive. Despite the trials of the morning and the day before, I was suddenly very excited to be at Magic Kingdom. All those years as a kid watching Saturday Morning Disney had obviously had a profound effect on me.

The others arrived some time after 1, Julian and I very excited to see not-so-baby Josh. We caught the ferry over to Magic Kingdom. It was while on the ferry talking to Dave that we realised that as they were going home on Sunday night, they could get my British passport and courier it down to me so at least I’d have some way of (hopefully) getting out of the US. This made me feel much calmer.

We got inside and were met by a sea of people. It was packed! We wandered for a while, up to the castle, and then around to the Peter Pan ride. The others had used FastPass to book this ride so they went off and did that while Julian and I got some food. We were just sitting down to eat when they got out.

From there we tried to add our tickets to theirs so we could jump on their FastPasses. It didn’t work as planned so we had to seek help. We were able to book for It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Space Invaders ride for later in the day. Thank god we did because most of the rides had a 60-80 minute wait time.

It’s A Small World ride was cute. We had Josh in the front. I’m not sure what he made of it all. He seemed more interested in my phone.

From there we went to Splash Mountain and Antony, Julian and I waited the 45 minutes to go on the ride. I have the strongest feeling that Glen and I went on this ride at Paris Disney. Anyway, it’s a long ride through the Brer Rabbit story and there’s a wet drop at the end. Everyone screams when they go down it so I was hyper-tense about going on it. In the end it wasn’t as bad as expected but Antony and Julian were loving how apprehensive I was.


After Splashdown, Julian, Antony, Josh and I went to the front entrance to meet Glen, who’d finished his presentation and was now free to enjoy himself. He’d caught the shuttle to the ticket centre so that meant a couple of monorail rides to get him. We then went back to Magic Kingdom in time to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Glen took Antony’s ticket and off we went.

It’s not so much a ride as a journey through some animatronics. It was funny to see Johnny Depp’s character pop up all over the place. After it finished, we added Glen to the Space Invaders FastPass then went to find food.

It seemed that there were even more people in Magic Kingdom in the afternoon/evening than there had been all day. People were getting ready for a parade, and, what with it being nearly dinner time, the restaurants were all chockers with people. We bought some fast food, then went looking through the shops. Julian then had to leave to pick up Tanya.


The rest of us then went on the Buzz Lightyear Space Invaders ride where you shoot the Zs with lasers. Glen and I did this twice in Paris Disney and it was just as much fun this time too.

From there we went to the Tiki Tiki Experience, which is another animatronics show, this time with singing and dancing birds. It’s a bit trippy.

After that, it was time for Dave, Antony, Josh and Kim to go. Then Julian returned with Tanya.


The number of people had increased again. Julian and Tanya grabbed some food and then we went on the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride, which was a lot more fun than expected. Glen and I also got some food nearby as I was in need of something that wasn’t fries. I should have stuck with fries.

We then got trapped by an electric lights parade made up of different things from Alice in Wonderland. We turned around and headed back towards Cinderella’s castle, at which point it got very difficult to move because people were waiting for the light show on the castle and then the fireworks. We stayed. It was impressive, with different movies projected on to the castle.

Then the fireworks began. We had picked the worst location as the majority of the fireworks were blocked by a turret. We could have picked a better spot.

After the fireworks we went to the Laugh Floor, a Monsters Inc inspired live show where they pick on different people in the audience and show them on screen with things like “Likes to Dance” or “Will buy everyone churros”. I was nearly dying before we got in though, as tiredness had finally come to claim me. Thank god we could sit down.

The show was fun. We laughed. Then we left. There was a big queue for the monorail and then another queue to get on the tram to the car. We were all so tired. We’d walked so far, done so much, and there was so much stimulation. It was a lot of fun though and I’m glad we went.

I was very happy to curl up and go to sleep though.


Oh that I could have slept all the night through. About six hours after eating dinner, which made it about 2:30pm, I was awoken by a terrible pain in my stomach. I tried to convince myself if was nothing but that didn’t work. So not long after I was hurling up into the toilet. I managed to get back to bed eventually, only to be awoken again twice more during the night to go through up. Food poisoning. How wonderful. This holiday just keeps on giving.

Orlando: what else could go wrong?

Asahi for Dinner

Asahi for Dinner

I got my haircut in the morning, did some work, went to the gym, and then, when Glen arrived home at 5:30, we left to get dinner at Asahi before heading to the airport for our flight to Orlando.

I dread going through US Border Control because they’re usually so rude. While it’s now tolerated that people living in the same household (commonly known as a family, even if they’re not married) can go through together on the same blue card, we still get barely contained homophobic reactions when we walk up and they say we don’t look related. To which we have to say we’re married. You’d think, being based in Canada, that these people would be used to this permutation of a human relationship by now.

Usually I’m the one kicking Glen behind the counter because he gets so terse with these people, but this time I could barely contain my disgust with how we were being treated. I know the guy’s name. I’m tempted to put in a complaint. After there “you don’t look related” remark, my back was up. I crossed my arms. One clipped word responses from there on out.

He asked how much money we were taking into the US. We said none because who honestly carries cash. He then asked about credit cards and we said yes, we had some. Don’t you think that should be enough? No, he then has to make some lame remark about washing dishes in America.

Then it was on to our passports. “Oh, Australia’s just the same as New Zealand.” Um, excuse me, dickhead, but would you say Iranians are just the same as Iraqis, or Israelis the same as Palestinians, or Canadians the same as Americans? No, you wouldn’t. So how about not being an offensive ****.

This unpleasant experience eventually ended, but the anger at being treated so poorly stayed with me for a long time after. We then took an age to get through security clearance before getting to our gate.

We were on time. Our boarding passes did not have seats assigned so we went to the gate. The attendant at the desk said we should sit down and we would be called. We sat. I went and bought some smoothies. I came back and we still hadn’t been called but an announcement had gone out saying the flight was oversold and they were looking for volunteers to stay behind.

I started looking up what we’d be entitled to. $800 cash each to stay behind. Tempting but Glen has to present at the conference tomorrow and I’m going to Disneyland with Julian, Dave and Antony. Plus I was still in a ropable mood from the border check guy that I didn’t feel in any way like being pushed around.

We waited to be called. They opened up boarding for Zone 1. I went up to the counter and said we still didn’t have seats. She said to sit down and we’d be called. We waited. The ENTIRE flight boarded. We were two of five people still sitting there. We turned around to see Pavel, the consultant from TGH, arriving late at the gate. We waved, at which point the attendant asked if we were going to Orlando.

My blood pressure rose.

Yes. We were going to Orlando. No. We had not volunteered to stay behind. She took our boarding passes, then came over and asked if we wanted to stay behind (we’d get $800 cash). As we’d already discussed it, I immediately said no, that we needed to be on that plane.

Luckily, two other people had volunteered to stay behind so when all was said an done, we got on the plane and they stayed behind. I wish I’d said a better thank you but I was still a bit miffed by the whole experience. At least we got on the flight.

The seat I’d been assigned had been taken up by a mother with her two children (or the row had). I didn’t mind changing. Someone’s got bad smelling feet around here. Unfortunately Glen and I were not seated next to each other. The flight was a bit bumpy and I kept thinking, it would just round everything off nicely if we went down. Histrionic, I know, but sometimes it feels good to be that way.

Well, we survived the flight. Got out into the airport. Julian picked us up in the rental car and dropped us off at the hotel. We checked in. Room is very nice. Big too. Started to unpack. That’s when I realised I’d left my passport on the plane.

This holiday is just going from strength to strength. After a couple of phone calls to various places, I finally got someone mildly useful who gave me the number to call at Orlando. Unfortunately they’re closed until 8am (it’s 1am) now so I’ll just have to wait until morning to see if they’ve got it and whether they’ll give it back to me. If not (on either or both counts), I’ll have to go to the police station and submit a police report, and then go to the Australian Embassy to inform them and get some sort of passport so I can get back into Canada. All by Tuesday.

Fingers crossed I can get the passport back. If I can’t, it doesn’t bear thinking about right now.

And tomorrow was supposed to be a fun day at Disneyland.